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help me understand please - 1264458

I am 17 weeks pregnant an was taken to hospital with chest pains an shortness off breath and a cough my chest xray was clear but when I had a ct lung scan it shows patchy areas on both lungs i originally went to see if I had a blood clot everytime I google it lung cancer comes up could this be right has im only 33

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It's highly unlikely someone your age has lung cancer. The reason you've found it with google search is it's not impossible so you may hear the stories even the same story repeated but not the story about the 35 yr old not having cancer (remember you're reading the stories of millions of people). x rays don't show much. However a CT scan is about a hundred times higher resolution and is very detailed. A pulmonologist is likely able to help with understanding what the patchy areas may be.

Because GRACE is designed to provide cancer information for people with an established diagnosis of cancer, and we are cancer experts, we really focus on how to manage people once they have been diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, we can’t really help guide people in a general workup of nonspecific complaints.

I hope you find the answer to your question and all is well with you and the baby.
Best hopes for all,