How to Combat Financial Toxicity During Your Cancer Treatment - what do YOU think?


Operations Director, GRACE


Ketki Patel, a Patient Financial Advocate in Seattle recently offered suggestions and helpful information for financial navigation during your cancer journey.  If you haven't read the article, I highly recommend it!  It is full of great information.  You can read it here:  

If you have questions for Ketki, please join this conversation!  Keep in mind that this is a public forum and others can read your info.  Please don't post personal information.  If you would like to contact her privately, please use the Personal Messaging option through our GRACE forums (click 'send author a message' below), her username is: ketki.  

Can you share with our community knowledge you have gained through your diagnosis and treatment?  What do you think about the information Ketki has shared?  We want to hear from you!  

Operations Director for GRACE. Have worked with since July 2009.  Became involved as a caregiver to my best friend, and quickly came to see that GRACE is filling a need in the area of cancer education.