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Tagrix Procurement

Dear Members,

Myself Sudheer from India. My aunt was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer and was prescribed with Tagrisso. Tagirsso being expensive. I am planning to use Tagrix. Could anyone guide me the procedure for procuring Tagrix from Bangladesh.

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Hi Sudheer,


Welcome to GRACE. I am sorry to hear to hear of your aunt's diagnosis. Unfortunately we don't have information on how to procure Tagrix; that's beyond the scope of this site. I would suggest that you contact the manufacturer to find sources for the medication, or talk to your aunt's doctor. 


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Shivam Mishra
Hello sudheerI too belong to

Hello sudheer

I too belong to india (mumbai) . And I am also looking to procure tagrix for my mother. Please help me if you have found the way to procure the same. 

Waiting for your kind reply

Thank you

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Shivam Mishra, I'm sorry but

Shivam Mishra,


I'm sorry but I don't have that information. It's best to get it from your oncology dept or contact Beacon pharmacy directly, they should be able to answer your questions.  I know how frustrating it is knowing there's a drug that may be very beneficial but not able to pay the price. 


I hope you are able to get the drugs you need.  Be persistent and as knowledgeable as possible. 




Shivam Mishra
Thank you so much for the

Thank you so much for the reply

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You're very welcome.  I'm in

You're very welcome.  I'm in the US and when we needed to pay for my husband's tarceva we couldn't afford to pay the copay (a deal with the insurance company where they pay part and we pay part).  The manufacturer was the only place I could find the help we needed.  I'm curious if tagrix manufacturer is helpful or someone in the oncology center.  In the US it's often who you know, what you know and how persistant you are.  It's a bad system but it sometimes works.  Perhaps you would return to share what you find. 


Hoping you find what you need,


Shivam Mishra


I wish to know about Osimert from Bangladesh. 

If you know anything about it? 

Waiting for the reply

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I'm sorry, I don't know

I'm sorry, I don't know anything about osimert.