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Tue, 01/18/2022 - 10:53

Hi! I recently had an xray for pain to my R rib (after helping someone move). Came back contusion but found a 1cm nodular density projecting over the L lower lung fields. CT of chest in 2011 detected nothing on L but 6mm on R. Lung screening 2014 detected 4 to 5 mm on R and a new 3 to 4 mm on lower L. So if it is the same nodule lower L grew from 3 to 4 mm to 1 cm over 7 years. I am scheduled for follow up CT in 9 days. My dilemma is #1 that I am worried about this growth and #2 that I am scheduled to leave for Puerto Vallarta for 2.5 weeks. I haven't been on vacation for many years and hate to pass up this opportunity. From what I've read, often when abnormalities are found on CT, further investigations happen very quickly and I would be out of the country for a time. What to do ...

In summary:
8/2011 CT chest 6mm nodule Middle R
4/2014 lung screening 4 to 5 mm nodule Middle R
3 to 4 mm nodule Lower L
1/2022 10 mm Lower L

How concerning is this?

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Thought I should add that I am 65, former 30 yr smoker quit 8 yrs ago. Otherwise active and decent health. I will welcome any insight/answers to my questions whether to take the vacation and how worried should I be. Thank you.

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Hi and welcome to Grace,

I'm sorry you're going through this scare. I can't say if the 7mm growth in 7 years will or won't be a problem in the rather long term...years but I doubt there's a reason you should have any invasive procedures (like a biopsy) before your trip. Your doctor may just want to do yearly or so CTs to watch for change but if they want to biopsy I imagine they would rather wait until after your long anticipated trip in case of any complications.

Keep us posted and have a good trip.
All the best,

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