newly diagnosed


i had nodules for years they had been watching them , then on jan27 went for my yearly cat scan thy said one of my nodules had grown and a new one appeared , protocal was to do another in 3 months which they did , i just got the call one had grew more , i have to have a pet scan then she wants a pulmanary function test done , i am so scared this was over the phone so many questions and no answers.. last i knew it was 8mm but i do not know what the last result was, am i gonna die or do i have a chance, i am so scared,,,

Pancoast tumor


This is for my mom aged 55. She has been experiencing sharp ache down her left arm for 4 months (which is worse at night.) The pain starts from the bottom of the skull, radiates to the upper back, shoulders and finally travels to the left arm and fingers. Pain killers and exercises are not helping. She also gets mild morning cough (with little or no phlegm) and random episodes of breathlessness (specially after morning physical activity). She has always been a healthy person. She has never smoked.

PET scan for Follicular lymphoma


Can someone please explain redemonstration and mild FDG avidity? 
We are waiting to hear back from the oncologist. 

Redemonstration of the mesenteric fat stranding with multiple prominent subcentimeter mesenteric lymph nodes as well as multiple small retroperitoneal and left common iliac lymph nodes with mild FDG avidity (below hepatic background activity). 

This is the post chemo PET scan and it was compared to the PET scan done mid chemo. We are NOT looking for medical opinions, just trying to figure out what this means. 

Tulane University online survey - looking for individuals with a cancer diagnosis

The research team at Tulane University is conducting an online survey of individuals with cancer. 

GRACE has been asked to share information about an anonymous one-time online research study about personality and cancer care. They are looking for adults with a history of cancer. A total number of 2,500 individuals will participate in the study, recruited from various social media platforms and websites dedicated to cancer research and patient support.


Pancoast tumor??


Not sure if this is where i need to be. I started having shoulder pain about a year ago. The pain has become more intense and spread to include my arm and hand. I went to orthopaedic about 6 months ago. Basically did nothing but give me cortisone shot in which it didn't help at all. I don't want to self diagnose. I read about pancoast tumor. My pain is intense at times but not constant. Now feel needle like sensation in side and pain in shoulder blades. Stiffness and elbow and finger joint pain with sharp pain extending in to side of hand.  Beginning to get just a little uneasy.