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JudyS - 1265071

With a heavy heart, I wanted to let people know that we have lost our JudyS. She did not post much that I can see in the last few years, but she was a huge supporter of GRACE, and was local to Seattle so we got to know her quite well. She showed up for every Race 4 GRACE, any and all other local events, and was just a lovely lovely person. Her husband shared with me her information from the local paper - http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/seattletimes/obituary.aspx?n=judith-ann....

We will miss her terribly. Our hearts go out to her friends and family.


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Sorry to hear of JudyS passing. My condolences to her family and friends. I loved her obit.
Take care, Judy C

Dr West
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She was a lovely person, a very warm spirit. I will miss her greatly.

-Dr. West

Dr. Howard (Jack) West
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My most sincere condolences to those who knew Judy in her home, Seattle.

Not only did I learn about cancer, research, trials, tx, side effects and management of it all from Judy I learned much about life from her and those like her, the many I think of as a band of warrior princesses who move through Grace with Grace and Knowledge and so much more that I don't pretend to get.

You're missed.

laya d.
I just came across this and

I just came across this and am devastated. I met Judy when I flew up to Seattle for Regina's birthday bash a few years back. She was subtle and kind and "familiar" - - and it was really really nice just being in her presence. Her loss is immeasurable. . .