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low sodium and sclc ext - 1255747

My husbands blood levels were terrible. We were admitted to Brigham on Sunday and they were unable to give blood till after a cat scan which looked for a bleed. More seriously, his sodium level had been constant 119 and today is was 118. We were told today that we had days to weeks. Does this make sense?

4/12 smcl etoposide/ciclpatin double sessions of chest radioation
11/12 mets to bones
11/12 PE in chest
12/12 Taxol
2/13 back radiation
3/13 mets to brain
3/24 admitted for pain control Inpatiant for 10 days. Intrathecal pump, port ,brain radiation and pelvic radiaton
Dischared 4/3

admitted 4/15 for weakness and labs discovered.

Does the diagnosis seem correct to you?

Thank you

Dr West
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I'm afraid it sounds like he has SCLC that is refractory to the treatments that have been given. Unfortunately, that's very common when the cancer recurs: it tends to become resistant to treatment. Because of this, if the cancer is progressing after prior treatment and recent treatments haven't been effective, it's most likely that the cancer will continue progress despite our best efforts. Nobody here can speak about the timing more effectively than his own doctors, but I'm sorry to say that the timing does sound very believable.

Good luck.

-Dr. West

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