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Lung Cancer - Three Years Cancer Free / Cured? - 1289394

I heard that the marker has changed to three years lung cancer free and you are considered cured.
No longer the five year cancer free to be considered cured from lung cancer.

Is this true?

Hi koal,

Hi koal,

I'm not aware of any change in the standard. Do you have a source to which you can point us so we can check it out? Though the chance of recurrence decreases quite a bit after 2-3 years, the risk is still high enough to consider five years a more reasonable standard.

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<p>I began visiting GRACE in July, 2008 when my wife Liz was diagnosed with lung cancer, and became a forum moderator in January, 2010. My beloved wife of 30 years passed away Nov. 4, 2011 after battling stage IV lung cancer for 3 years and 4 months</p>

I read and research a lot and

I read and research a lot and have not seen or heard of the change anywhere. This is from the ACS 2014-15.
Take care, Judy

"The 1-year relative survival for all lung cancers combined
increased from 34% in 1975-1977 to 45% in 2006-2009, largely
due to improvements in surgical techniques and combined therapies.
The 5-year survival rate is 54% for cases detected when the
disease is still localized, 26% for patients with regional disease,
and 4% for patients with distant-stage disease (Figure 5, page 7).
The overall 5-year survival for small cell lung cancer (6%) is
lower than that for non-small cell (18%).25"