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Hello to everyone .first of all i want to say that this resourse is great and positive .In Russia we don't have so much information on the possibilities as if people should be prepared to die with out fight..Not so many doctors know about new ways of teraphies.
My husband is a lucky man he lives in moscow and here we could find a good proffesional who told us about huz is 32 .He has stage 4 alk positive.our son is almost 10.we are all in big stress.
In Russia there is no other teraphy but ksalcory and i failed to understand what oppotunities exist in the world.I will try to do my best to get them to postpone bad things in life.May be we should complete some more tests..please give me a hint.
Thanks in advance.

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Can you explain what ksalcory is? If he is ALK positive, does he not have xalkori available to him? Is that what you're calling ksalcory? This would be the appropriate treatment if he is ALK positive. I wish him the best. Take care, Judy
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Thanks for your quick respond..sorry for my mistake surely it is xalcory ...yes thanks god he has it and what is more strange it is free of charge in russia.But as far as i can understand abroad thare are many other ways of teraphies ,new pills ..immounoteraphy .I know that xalcory now works well after three months he has sagnificant progress in reducing it.i pray and hope it will work well for longer..but i should know about a possible next step for him.


Hi Alina,

I'm so sorry about what your young family is going through, it's truly devastating. It's possible that your husband could do well on xalkori for quite a long time. Some people have been taking it successfully for over 5 years. This is a link to blog posts and videos specific to ALK, (Listed in chronological order, most recent first.),

I look forward to years of successful fatherhood and partnership for your husband.

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Hi Alina,

As Janine has pointed out, the ALK inhibitor Xalkori is really the preferred first-line treatment for ALK+ patients. In addition, there are now second-generation ALK inhibitors such as ceritinib, which are generally considered the next step if the cancer.progresses. While it's possible that none of these second-generation ALK inhibitors are available to your husband generally, there may be clinical trials for such drugs available to him. You can check for listings of trials in your area.

Since patients may have a long response to Xalkori (and we certainly hope that your husband is such a patient), it is likely that by the time he needs to move on from Xalkori, a next-generation drug will be available to him.

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