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'Measureable Disease' - what counts? - 1253274

For trials, what counts as 'Measurable Disease'? I dont have any big tumours in my lungs, they have always been little scattered GGO's. However, I know that we have definilty been measuring my lymph nodes, both size and number via CT scan...does this count?

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April 2012: NSCLC stage 4, EGFR neg. No primary tumour but GGO thru out both lungs, lymph nodes. 6 rounds cisplatin/pemetrexed, good response. 2 rounds maintenance pem. Nov 2012: progression confirmed. ALK positive dec 2012: started crizotinib (xalkori). 37 years old, never smoker. Living in the UK but hopefully getting home to New Zealand soon!

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Hi katenz,
The trialists just want something they can measure to compare with later. But that doesn't answer your question. I'll ask a doctor to respond. You should hear back within a day.

Have you gotten your results back? I hope you're just preparing for the worst but get the best news.

Also I've pasted your bio on your post. I hope you don't mind, it gives the doctors context with which to answer inquiries.
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I've always taken it to mean that the cancer can be seen on a CT. With my own tumour for example, you can't see the outline now because of all the radiation I've had. But presumably your GGOs can be seen. Some trials also allow for "measurable or non-measurable" tumours.

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If you can draw a reliable border around it, it's measurable disease. So if a radiologist looks at a ground-glass opacity and feels that they can do reproducible measurements over time, it's measurable. Something that is just a more uniform haze without boundaries wouldn't be measurable, nor would bone lesions, since they don't have reliable dimensions.

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