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Original BC Dx 10/2011, (50yrs old) had Bilateral Mx, IDC, grade 1, 6cm (couldn’t feel it, made up of clusters). ER+ PR+ HER2-. Sentinel node appeared ok, but Path came back positive for micro cells. Onc said chemo should take care of them. 4 rounds Taxotere/Cytoxan, put me into menopause, took Tamoxifen 1 1/2yrs, then due to DVT, switched to Anastrozole for 3 1/2yrs. 1yr after Mx, had Thoracic Laminectomy to remove Meningioma Tumor pressing on spinal cord T5 level. I Suffer tremendously from PMPS and Post Laminectomy Pain Syndrome, on ER Morphine 24/7. All treatments are hard on me, I’m already so compromised. I’m obese, scans say sub-optimal.
4/2017 Dx MBC, 1mo after finishing Anastrozole, unrelated CT found enlarged R Axillary Nodes, biopsy confirmed IDC grade2 ER+PR- HER2-. I’d been having soreness there, but figured it was just part of my chronic pain. PET/CT also showed Mediastinal nodes, ParaTracheal node & Scapula lesion. Did 4mo Xeloda, follow up PET/CT showed some slightly better/some slightly worse & new multiple scattered bilateral pulmonary nodules, too small to biopsy. Started on Ibrance and Faslodex. After 6 cycles, PET/CT again showed some slightly better/some slightly worse. For over a yr now have had increasing pain/nerve/numbness issues from R Axillary, shoulder, down to fingers. Unbearable now, so had MRI which showed 4.3 mass adjacent to Brachial Plexus Nerve, and 1.4cm at T1-T2 poss nerve sheath tumor. Drs don’t know why doesn’t show on PET/CT. Just completed radiation to area, hoping for some relief. Also did 1st ever scan on Brain since MBC Dx, MRI showed 1.4cm Met lesion L Frontal Lobe, and 1.2cm L Posterior Cerebellum. Just completed SRS to Brain. No idea how long all these spots have been there! Also having heart issues, SOB, high heartrate. Onc didn’t have a new plan, lightly threw out we could do Gemzar. Or maybe Exemestane, or both. Not confident, very afraid, not sure what to do. What meds cross BBB? Help pls give me optio

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Hi mimianne and welcome to Grace. I'm so sorry you're suffering so much. I hope you get relief to the pain in your arm. My husband's tumor involved his bracial plexus too and he still has issues but nothing like it was when found. As for the brain tumors the radiation very possibly killed them so that's possibly not going to be an issue.

Idon't know if this will be helpful but does come from a timely and good source.…

I'm sorry but we can't tell you what you should do or give standard's of care for such a complicated case but a 2nd opinion at a transition time like this is never a bad idea. A 2nd opinion from a teaching hospital that specializes in breast cancer is a good place to get individualized opinion that can be taken back to your local onc where treatment can be given.

I hope you do well moving forward.
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Thank you for your reply. How did your husband get some relief of the Brachial plexus issues, did he have radiation, or did it shrink from treatments? Also, can you tell me which meds cross the Blood Brain Barrier? And I'm with Kaiser, so I’m not sure if I can get a second opinion outside of them. ~Anne



Don was diagnosed stage III unresectable pancoast tumor. The tumor hadn't infiltrated the bracial plexus but was pushing on it as well as reaching into a foramen of the spine. He had chemo and chest radiation. It killed the cancer but left an ungodly mess in its place including some muscle atrophy. It was impossible to know what was cancer and what was inflammation or scar tissue. His onc followed with pet scans for a year more before switching to ct alone. His suv stayed quite active in that area for over a year. Today it can be difficult to recover from work and it never doesn't hurt and we agree it's a small price to pay to be cancer free.
Technically any chemo drug can but most don't, I'll look around.


I am new to this and would like some guidance if possible.
My Mother has breast cancer she developed a lump on her right breast and was given 6 treatments of chemo.After the chemo treatments she had to wait 4 months before she could have her operation to remove her breast.In this time the lump grew upto 1 kg and effected the nodes under her arm pit.Despite being on a vegan diet and avoinding any foods that would feed the cancer and dispite being given cannabis oil and intense oxygen treatment the growth just continued to grow.Now she has had the operation 6 weeks ago and the operation was not a sucesse due to the fact that they couldnt remove the cancer nodes under her arm as this would either kill her or leave her with out the use of her arm.Now in ten days they want to start 15 courses of radiation.My mother is in alot of pain and she has developed a complete loss of appetite.She is contantly dehydrated and despite the amount of concentrated natural energy shakes i am making her and the use of cannabis oil. She just seems to be going backwards.This is also coupled with depression and really bad fatigue.She has lost lage amounts of weight and muscle mass and is almost at the point of not being able to walk.Please advise if it is advisable for her to go for radiation or rather let her deteriorate to the point of dying.My Mom is still very responsive and she is moble and i am doing execsises with her and having lengthly conversations with her.She is in alot of pain.I dont know how long she has to live and would like some advise please.