More Mixed Results

Wed, 10/02/2019 - 12:53

Well, my wife has been having some hip pain recently, so our oncologist wanted to do a CT scan sooner than would normally be done.

The good news - there doesn't seem to be anything going in the lungs, and the bone metastases areas seem unchanged.  Our guess is that the hip pain is more related to nerve side effect problems (the neuropathy from the Kadcyla is slowly getting worse) and not cancer.  My wife thinks this is likely since the pain is sporadic (not constant as it was when there was cancer there) and treatable with motrin.

The liver, however, shows mixed results.  One lesion that was reduced last time was reduced even more, while another lesion has continued to grow.  The oncologist said that since everything looks stable except for that one spot, they may be able to do focused radiation, either as a focused blast right on the tumor, or injection of localized radioactive beads into the site.  The oncologist will be conferring with the interventional radiologist to consider the best approach.

So, it looks like Kadcyla in general is working (no new major metastases, but a few spots they will keep their eyes on to check for growth) but the one liver lesion is concerning.

I'll keep you up on the situation as we find out more.

JanineT Forum …

Hi Scohn,


I'm sorry your wife's hip is hurting.  PN is a bear to keep in check.  I especially hate there's even a little progresson but it sounds like her oncs are on top of taking out that lead runner.  I hope getting rid of it will keep everything else under control and I look forward to the best of news. 


Hugs to the new babe,




Interventional radiologist doesn't think radiation is good for this case, so our oncologist is conferring with the other trial oncologist to see the best plan and see if there is another drug that can be added to address the progressing lesion while she stays on the Kadcyla.