New GRACE Site to go LIVE September 4/5, 2018 - 1295181


Operations Director, GRACE


Hello Friends --
We are scheduled to go live with our new GRACE site on September 4 around 3 pm, barring no showstoppers.

The majority of your accounts have been migrated to the new site, except for the newest ones. Those people will need to re-setup their accounts, my true apologies. Everyone else will need to re-sign in and set up their profiles, with new passwords. (sorry - we couldn't bring all of your information over. I wish we could have).

We also unfortunately did not receive enough funding to pay for the migration of all the old forum threads. I am currently trying to copy and paste the newest ones into the new site so we at least have some overlap. Anyone who has written in this forum who is fairly new to GRACE and does not have an account that migrated over will show as anonymous in the threads that I am copying over. After you set up your new accounts I can go in and re-assign any previous threads to your active account in the new site.

There will be some stuff to shake out - including tagging and how the videos and articles are found within the new site. I will be continuing to work on this and ask for your patience and understanding! The good thing is that the search bar works. yay.

Thanks for your understanding, it has been a long time coming, change is hard, but change is good. I think you will like what you see (when we all get used to it!)

Many regards!

Operations Director for GRACE. Have worked with since July 2009.  Became involved as a caregiver to my best friend, and quickly came to see that GRACE is filling a need in the area of cancer education.