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Older Tributes - 1243571

I haven't been on the site in a while I see there have been some changes. I am not sure if this question has been asked before, I did check to see if it was before positng.

I was looking at the Tributes section and noticed some of the older tributes are missing. Will they be put back on the site? Or am I looking in the wrong place. Thanks.

certain spring
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Hallo phylsgirl.
Goodness yes, it is been the equivalent of moving house, with all that entails! Still some boxes to be unpacked, as it were.
There was a discussion a few weeks ago, which I will try to find for you, between Dr West, blueskies and others about updating and improving the Tributes page. It would be very sad if any tributes have been lost, so I hope that is not the case - I expect they are in the "still waiting to be unpacked" box. If blueskies is around she may be able to update you better than I can, or Mark or Denise may come in with news. All best.
Update: here's the discussion I mentioned:
and here: