Pancoast Tumor

Sat, 08/01/2020 - 09:45


My dad has been experiencing pain in his back radiating down to his right arm for about one month now. Very much like a Pancoast tumor. After the first 2 weeks of pain, he went and got a chest X Ray which showed nothing. They said it was probably just a pinched nerve and gave him some steroids (Prednisone), but after another 2 weeks the pain didn't get any better. He went for an MRI of the shoulders, neck, and head, his doctor once again found nothing. They handed the MRI results to a very good Neuro Surgeon who spotted a herniated disc in the upper back/neck area. I'm probably going to sound really paranoid saying this, but whatever. Is there any chance it could be a Pancoast Tumor? My dad's dad was a smoker, but he said he stayed away from the smoke in his childhood and moved out when he was 18. Also, could a Pancoast tumor cause a herniated disc, or am I being overly paranoid? 

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Hi jdm2004,


There is no reason to believe your dad's back problem has anything to do with a pancoast tumor.  I hope he is feeling better soon.  BTW, I have a friend who just had surgery on a herniated disk and he was feeling better immediately after surgery.  I hope your dad does just as well. 


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If there was in fact a pancoast tumor that would've caused a herniated disk, then it would've been seen on the MRI. More than likely the herniated disk is the problem. My son had  a herniated disk several years back and had it removed with no problems. Take care, Judy