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Thu, 01/04/2018 - 11:21

My father has advanced pancreatic cancer, cancer of the abdomen, liver and one lung. He has an appointment with an Oncologist on 17 Jan 17 to discuss his treatment options (if there are any). Are there any clinical trials ongoing at the moment for the above

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Hi delacour33,

Welcome to GRACE. I am sorry to hear of your father's diagnosis. There certainly are clinical trials for advanced pancreatic cancer, and the best place to find them is at

If the other locations you mention are separate cancers as opposed to metastases from the pancreatic cancer, that may complicate the trial qualification process and require durect inquiries to the trial staff to check each trial's specific inclusion/exclusion criteria.

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Unfortunately they are metastasis from the pancreatic cancer. Where do I start and who do I talk to about this?


You can talk to his doctor about clinical trials, either before or after you conduct your search on His doctor may have recommendations, or you may get his/her input on any trials you have found.

When you visit that page, just search for pancreatic cancer, and enter your location (or any other locations wo which your father may be willing to travel for treatment). You may want to limit your search to trials that are open or not yet enrolling. Each trial listing shows locations at which patients may receive treatment, and has a listing of inclusion and exclusion criteria. Some trials limit the amount of prior treatment a patient has received, although if your father has just been diagnosed, then that won't be a problem. Other exclusions may include certain types of pre-existing conditions, but if a trial looks interesting, you or your father's doctor may want to contact the trial managers to see if there is flexibility. Contact information is provided in the listing.

Of course, you'll also want to hear the treatment options presented by his doctor, then make a choice with his or her advice. Unless your father is too ill to receive treatment, there should be options, and his doctor will be able to discuss the pros and cons of initiating a particular treatment.

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