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PCI - 1247170

My husband, who was diagnosed in March 2012 with sclc limited with a pleural effusion has now been told he is "in remission". His pleural effusion was drained and talced (VATS procedure). It proved to be non malignant. He is being advised to get PCI. My question is, what are the side effects and how long can he safely wait before undergoing this radiation to his brain. He has very mixed feelings about going ahead with this. Please advise. Thank you.

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I'm that your husband is doing well. There is quite a bit of information in the FAQ on PCI/WBR at: http://cancergrace.org/radiation/2010/09/13/radiation-faq-what-side-effe...

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Please feel free to ask any follow-up questions if you have any after reading the link provided by Jim, and perhaps some of the other related links at the bottom of that one.

Good luck.

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Essentially you feel incredibly tired and your hair falls out (I am describing WBR but imagine PCI is much the same). The tiredness comes on not during or after treatment but several weeks later. Energy starts to return after a few months (just my experience).
A number of members with SCLC have said they think it's worth doing. I know some people are afraid of memory loss and so on but I haven't found that to be a significant problem. All best to you and your husband.

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My husband Philip had PCI a month after he finished chemo/radiation and had the usual tiredness but no lasting symptoms of any sort.Well worth the risks I think.I am a bit surprised you use the term remission as it is not normally used regards SCLC.It would also be worth doing a short profile inc treatment you have had if you are going to become a regular
Good luck