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poorly differentiated squamous of lung - 1265700

I have poorly differentiated squamous cell of the lung. my doctor says chemo doesn\'t respond as well in this type. I know everyone is different , but it already met to my brain, which they did stereotactic surgery on, and I would like your opinion as I know that squamous doesn\'t have as many options I have 5 other sisters 3 have already dies within 6 months of each other, the other one had breast cancer and me and my other sisters are stage 4. can you help

Dr West
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I'm very sorry about your diagnosis. There is no special treatment approach for squamous cell non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) Instead, the treatment is still a "platinum-based doublet", a two drug combination with carboplatin or cisplatin paired with another chemo agent. That second agent is often a taxane (Taxol, Abraxane, or Taxotere) or gemcitabine, but sometimes other drugs are used.

My personal approach for squamous NSCLC is most often carboplatin and Abraxane at this time, but any of the combinations above would be fine choices.

Good luck.

-Dr. West

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