Possible aggressive skin cancer being misdiagnosed?


My husband had a scar like white patches start on the back of one hand about 6-7 weeks ago. At first he was told it was a chemical burn and treated. However it began to spread and did not respond to treatment. He was told after that, in order, that it was ringworm, bacterial infection, fungal infection, and treated for all with no response to treatment. The once 8-10 small patches on one hand have become 1 large patch covering the back of both hands, both elbows, and now his ears. Its spreading very quickly and the patches have begun getting thicker in how far they are raised above his normal skin. He has a dark, almost American Indian skin tone. The patches are almost completely white, scare like and itch extremely bad. With the rate of spread I'm concerned the doctors aren't taking this seriously enough. What can we do? And how likely is this to be skin cancer?

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Hi and welcome to Grace.  I'm sorry your husband is dealing with this.  Chances are the rash isn't life threatening but since there's a chance that it could be a symptom of something more dangerous seeing a dermatologist is probably in order.  No matter what it is having that much rash causes lots of discomfort.  I hope he finds an easy fix. 


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