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question on clarifying language - 1254470

My husband has smlc ext. He has mets to the bones.I was wondering if you could give a general explanation of the following terms:

1. What does diffuse osseous metastatic lesions mean. This is in the spine.

2. What is an enhancing lesion in respect to the liver?

3 .What are sclerotic lesions? In repect to a rib?

Thank you,

Dr West
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1) "Diffuse osseous metastatic lesions" just means widespread bone metastases.

2) Enhancing lesion in the liver usually suggests that there is a metastasis of the cancer in the liver.

3) Sclerotic just refers to a "hardening" reaction of a bone lesion. It basically just describes the appearance of a bone lesion there, but the term doesn't have particularly significant clinical relevant beyond just noting that there is a bone lesion there.

Good luck.

-Dr. West

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