Recurrence; Restarted on Tarceva 150mg 2 yrs after - 1262736

Wed, 03/12/2014 - 23:19

Is anyone here on Tarceva the second time around 2 yrs after last dose ? And how are you doing?

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Dr West

The evidence on "rechallenge" suggests that a small minority of patients will demonstrate a significant response (tumor shrinkage) -- under 10% -- but a much more sizable proportion will demonstrate stable disease or perhaps a small amount of tumor shinkage. This doesn't tend to be a long lasting response the second time around (most typically 3-5 months), but it's potentially valuable.

Good luck.

-Dr. West


Good luck on your upcoming scan and the whole treatment plan, Gail!
Thanks Dr. West on your response and March 10 post on new drugs to be watched that may successfully deal with Tarceva resistance . I'm sure we'll all be watching and waiting for the latest and hope for great news.
Please keep on keeping on for us fighters all over the world.
God bless us all always and forever.