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Sat, 03/31/2012 - 06:48
blue skies

I just posted an update on this topic and it is getting a little ungainly with 10 pages of content. I am wondering if it is possible to set up a "forum" that could be organized by "signature" that members could update and search easily to get the most current info.

So, one would go to the drop down menu and click on "member updates" or something like that and then add their sign on name as the "topic: (blue skies in my case) and then add their narrative in the comment pane. People who wanted to look up the last time Warrior Princess or I posted an update could search by their signature name.

Is that possible?

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Do you mean something like searching that specific thread? If I went to the thread in question and could search for "certain spring" to get just your updates? Or if I knew I saw a quote from one of the doctors in an otherwise several page thread but it was just what i needed to help answer a question I could go to that thread and search.
I've seen a large forum (adventure rider) that provides for searches in any heading or sub-heading or thread throughout the site. I must admit that a google search starting with " searchwords" is preferable even on that forum. But the idea is good and needs a fab-creator...mark?

blue skies
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I was thinking more along the lines of creating a "forum" (or, for want of a better word, a folder named "Member Update") that would have separate " topics" or threads, each from a different member, I (blue skies) would update my thread in that folder as separate replies over time.

Someone who wanted to see what I had posted most recently about my personal status, treatments and symptoms or other personal updates could open the folder and look for my "thread," with a topic title of "blue skies" or use the search engine to find it on the site.

It's like having a personal account on the expansion and continuing update of a profile, but with the capability to also have replies and comments from others.

Does that make sense?

Dr West
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We can't make a new forum area just for member updates, but people could add their threads in the survivor stories area of a forum area like lung cancer. And you can still search for member activity by user name.

However, my experience has been that it is very hard to get people to follow any structure or rules about where to place their forum threads.

-Dr. West

blue skies
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LOL! You are right, Dr. West! We are an individualistic bunch who can be led to water, but...

I will check out the survivor stories to see how that works. I hadn't thought of that.

I think that things are working pretty smoothly now. Thsnks to you and the wonderful webmasters for sticking with us through the rough patches.

Hope you are having a restful weekend.

blue skies
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Mark, I'm clearly hopeless...can't find the hot link to Survivor Stories. I've looked in the button in the top tool bar on the main page but also on the Lung Cancer page and looked around the perimeter for a hot link and in the forum topic drop down menu. What obvious place have I not looked at yet?


the lung cancer survivor forum is a subforum of the lung cancer forum. Go to a forum topic in the lung cancer forum and click on the orange button on the right column that says Lung/Thoracic Cancer Discusion Forum . You should be taken to the lung cancer forum with sub topics. There are other ways to get there but once you see it you will find other ways to get there. One thing I've found helpful is the right column changes when you are in specific forum areas.

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I'm just going to keep on using this thread, cause I honestly just cant get the hang of the new format.... I would consider myself very computer savvy, so its a very strange experience!

Just wanted to give an update on chemo. You may remember that I did 3 rounds of carbo/etop as a 3rd line of chemo... but I had some progression, and the oncologist changed to irinotecan. I've done one round of that so far. The nurse was concerned because my haemoglobin levels were quite low (83) prior to starting chemo. She said if it went below 80 at the nadir blood test, I would need a blood transfusion.
At the nadir blood test, it had gone UP to 89, which was great news... I was fairly confident that it was OK, cause I felt less drowsy than I had for weeks.
I had an appt with the oncologist yesterday, but they didnt have all the blood test results. Today, she rang and said that I'd coped so well with the irinotecan that they were going to add carboplatin back into the mix again to try to "bump" up the effect.
Its always a strange feeling that you are doing "too well"!! But I'm happy... my oncologist was a bit reluctant about even doing 4th line of chemo, so I feel like its quite a big jump in her attitude.

On the bad side, they wont give me permission to travel overseas until after my halfway scans. So, no trip to Germany in May... hopefully July!


Hopefully July WarriorPrincess. Below is the link to the original real thread about keekkping up. I would copy and paste your update but my avatar may throw paople off. So if you don't tonight I will tomorrow.
I'm so happy to hear your blood levels are coming back so well not to mention felling stronger. As Laya might say, that's great great great news!!!!!!!!!

double trouble
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Hi warriorprincess. I'm happy to hear your treatment is going well. I had anemia a while back... that's the one count you can actually tell is low by how you feel! I could barely climb stairs when my hemoglobin was low. I don't post much anymore, I get frustrated with the new site, so I'm sorry I'm late to give you an 'atta girl! Know my thoughts are with you, and with all my grace friends.

certain spring
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I was very glad to see Ann (pedalon) dropping in on another thread, and look forward to hearing how she is doing.
Also very happy to see kej again - kej I have thought of you often, and hope things are going as well as they can be.