Right breast mass


Hi, my name is Jen, I am getting ready to undergo a intact breast lesion excision on 2/7. They found radial scar. I already had a breast biopsy done. I am not sure why they will not take out the mass and lesion verses the intact breast lesion excision. I also, want to know are these painful to get done. I also, see on my visit summary says my medical conditions were other abnormal and inconclusive findings on diagnostic imaging of breast and neoplasm of uncertain behavior of right breast. I am just so confused. My ultra sound report showed bi-rads 4. Should I be worried that I have cancer? I have a mass and a lesion.


Hi Jen,

I’m sorry you’re going through this worry.
The following link is to the manufacturer site of bles, breast leison excision system. It has an animated video of the procedure.


bi-rads 4 means there’s a slim possibility of cancer so a biopsy is needed to say for sure. But the bi-rads category system is for the use of the pathologist not he doctor or patient to use.
The words mass and lesion are pretty much used interchangeably. So you might just have the one mass. If you’re having a bles they will take the entire mass. That way they will have gotten all of it so they can test as much as they need and it will be gone. The procedure is minimally invasive so to cause as little discomfort as possible and still getting the lesion out and get as much tissue as possible to test. It sounds pretty appropriate though you would need to ask your doctor these questions to know exactly what’s going on in your individual situation.

I hope this proves to be benign.
All best,