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When I look in the forums there are no entries under SCLC. When I was selecting a forum for this message, there was no SCLC drop down. Am I doing something wrong or is this site now for NSCLC?

when the archived forums come across, will this include the old SCLC ones. There was some great information.

Thank you everyone



Jim C Forum Mo…

Hi Ray,

We are still covering SCLC, and although there is a dropdown for searching "Forums by Treatment Types" which contains a selection for Small Cell Lung Cancer, there is none in the dropdown for posting a question. We'll work to fix that. In the meantime, post where you can and we'll be happy to help.

And yes, we still have the previous content for SCLC and will be making that available as soon as possible.

Jim C Forum Moderator


Hi Jim,

Thank you for the update. Generally I like the new site, once I get used to it, and the wrinkles are ironed outout, it will be great. I know the GRACE Team will keep working on it to make sure it meets or probably even exceeds the high standards you want for patients and caregivers. Good luck in making this a fantastic site.



Thanks Ray for your vote of confidence!  I will add an SCLC forum.  And yes - still working on getting the old info up, truly apologize.  

Our goal is to grow, not limit cancer types.  Any feedback is truly appreciated.  





Hi Denise,

Thank you for responding and acting so quickly. It will be great to see GRACE grow. As another poster has just said, this site is unique in the information available. i agree, Dr Jack West has provided a valuable resource which has the benefit of balanced expert opinion. He has a great team! I am finding the site quite intuitiveintuitive, so well donedone, I bet you never want to do another platform change. Thanks for keeping on top of it.


True -- I NEVER want to do another change to the platform.    I have learned a ton, but wow -- with a database the size of GRACE, it is a huge undertaking!  I am truly working hard to figure out the best way to bring the old info from the forums up into this new structure.  it is proving to not be as easy as writing a simple script.  Your votes of confidence and support really help.  Thanks for understanding!