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Social Work Ceus - 1249248

Hello Everyone! My husband and I currently live in Cape Coral, FL. We are looking to relocate to the Syracuse area to be closer to family. We both grew up near the Syracuse area. My husband graduated from Cazenovia College and I went to Ithaca College..... so we know all about the snow! :-)

Right now, my husband and I are both employed full time with free ceu for social workers. He works as a fourth grade teacher in an Elementary School and has been with the disrict for 7 years. I am a licensed clinical social worker and have done hospice work for the last four years. We both LOVE our jobs, but are very unhappy with FL in general. We are done with the heat, lack of community, and schools and neighborhoods that are not very child friendly (we have an 18 month old). We really miss seasons and hills about social work ceus

We are very aware that the job market in the area for teachers is difficult at best. My husband will be starting his masters in special education this Spring and we hope to move at the end of next school year. Can anyone on here give us some honest advice on the prospects for him as a teacher and me as a licensed social worker ceus? Do you think this move would very really risky for us at this time? We would not leave unless one of us secures full time employment first. Any thoughts, suggestions, advice would be wonderful! Thanks!