Stage 3b lung cancer help not found - 1271689

Sun, 11/01/2015 - 12:36 showed up in multiple searches but when I go there I see "nothing found".

Does it exist and can it be recovered?

Thank you.

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I'll ask our webmaster, but I think that content is no longer available.

Sorry; that result frustrates me in some of my searches as well.

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Amy, I see that the link in your first post has been retrieved. If you're not getting it let us know.

Too the first post in your 2nd post is also available. I imagine the reason for not being able to access the 3rd post is that it wouldn't be current info anymore; 2nd line treatment for those positive for egfr mutation after acquired resistance has changed at least a couple of times since 2008.

The box in the column to your right
"Acquired Resistance Patient Forum Videos...Watch Now"
is our most current info. Or click this link,…

I hope this helps explain.



Hmm. I am not getting the original link I asked about yet.

Thanks for the referral to the current info on acquired resistance.


I wonder if it has something to do with the browser being used. I'm using chrome that opened it and just opened it with microsoft edge without being logged in. BTW edge is the newer browser version of microsoft explorer.

Since it's an older forum when tarceva was new the thread was very helpful since no one really had info on how best to control side effects. Many of the solutions have become common use so please ask if you can't find something specific.