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Tarceva and SCLC - 1253090

Someone on Inspire is going to go on Tarceva for I believe is 4th line tx. Though I couldn't find any, do you know of any clincial trials on this? Or is this just an off-label use of Tarceva? How likely would it be that someone with SCLC has an EGFR mutation? Thanks and take care, Judy

Dr West
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EGFR inhibitors have been tested in SCLC in several trials and have been shown to be ineffective. Though there can be rare exceptions to just about anything in medicine, EGFR mutations aren't seen in SCLC, and these agents are not considered an effective or remotely standard therapy for SCLC. The fact is that there are doctors doing all sorts of things, but that doesn't mean that they're based on a good premise.

The fact that this is being tried as 4th line therapy, which is effective vanishingly often in SCLC, suggests to me that the doctor is pulling random things off the shelf and saying "Ummm, here -- try this!", and that's about the extent of the idea behind the plan.

-Dr. West

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Judy, I found this on clinicaltrials.gov This is the only result I found in a search of tarceva and sclc. It looks like they're looking for mutations in sclc. I may be wrong didn't really read thoroughly.


I hope that will help.