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Tarceva related diarrhea problems - 1290254

We still cannot get a handle on the diarrhea issue. At a lower dosage we had it somewhat controlled, but the dosage was too low to contain the cancer. Now the dosage is alternating days of 50 and 75mg of the Tarceva.

We maintained a food diary (21 months) helps a little but only to eliminate a certain food. Taking 6 Imodium pills for months, 2 at each meal. Lomotil and other medicines were too strong and did not seem to help. Eating rice and or pasta daily, eating a Graham cracker in the middle the night and some shredded coconut at meal time.

Most recently tried Citrucel first at ½ caplet 3 times a day increased it to 1 ½ caplets 3 times a day , this works for about 7 days than diarrhea returns. Also tried Heather's Tummy Tamer fiber powder, this also only lasted about 7 days.

Diarrhea almost always hits in the morning, it used to be about 2 hours after breakfast now it about 3 hours. Also the warning time was about 5 minutes now it is about 2 minutes to get to a bathroom.

Any suggestions about what else we can try? Any new therapies coming down the road?


Your post shows that you have found some regularities of your diarrhea. They might make easier to resolve the issue in future, I think.
I would like to share my experience of intestinal disorder and diarrhea issue caused by seven years dosing on Tarceva.
Occasional dosing of Lopemin was very effective to cure it.
But, I had avoided approximately eighty kind of diet to prevent it.
Some of them are:
citrus(some of them are no problem), white bean(black or brown one, soy sauce and tofu are no problem), carrot, burdock,
lettuce, tomato(boiled tomato is no problem), onion((boiled onion is no problem), garlic, brown rice(white rice is no problem), wheat, peach, apple, raisin, marmalades, coffee, sesame, vinegar(black vinegar is no problem), mayonnaise, fermented rice, pickled radish, EV olive oil, soy bean oil(rice oil. canola oil, coconuts oil are no problem), bread, polyols, artificial sweeteners(sugar, trehalose are no problem) milk, ice cream(butter is no problem), stew, curry.

is closer to my experience.


Hi jkcath,

Hi jkcath,

I'm so sorry your wife is still having such a difficult time. There's nothing new that to help mitigate the diarrhea from tarceva. Like homeofheart noted you have found its regularities and that in itself is a way to feel alright about scheduling life around it, that's actually a positive. Your wife's lucky to have you on her side.


Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It's such a helpful and thoughtful action. I hope you are doing alright and living life well.

Keep doing what your doing, both of you.
All best,