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Treatment for leptomeningeal (lung cancer no mutations) - 1289666

My husband, dx Feb 2013 with stage 4 Adnocarcinoma , no mutations. After first line treatment of carbo, Pemetrexed and Avastin, Wedge resection and VAts , he was NED for almost 3 years when they discovered a few small nodules (under 1 cm) in April 2016. We waited and watched no increase in size.
He started in November 2016 to lose hearing in one ear. By 12/12 he was D.C. With 5 brain mets and Leptomeningeal. He has had 5 WBR and has gone downhill so rapidly. They are going to start treating him on Jan 2 with IT and methotrexate. Then doctors want to start Pemetrexed and Optivo because he had success with Pemetrexed originally.
Is there any current info about lung cancer and IT methotrexate? Are there any trials that are out there ? We live in Oregon.
My husband was active, and in pretty good health for so long . I am trying to find as much current info as I can.
Thank you so much,

Hi ljb1,

Hi ljb1,

I'm so sorry to hear about your husband. Unfortunately what you've described sounds all too familiar. There aren't any studies noted in the database for persons with lung cancer, lepto, taking this drug. There were 2, one was with breast cancer and one was children with unspecified lepto.

There was a very similar question just a few months ago where Dr. Pennell provided a good response,

Again I can't convey how sorry I am you and he are going through this.
All best,