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Update on the after effects of radiation/ chemo - 1273757

It's been almost 4 weeks since last treatments. I continue to have
the pain when swollowung, was told about inflammation to esophagus,
Bad back and chest pain, under arm pain too. Pretty much all over pain
Dr feels it's all due to radiation, I worry that the radiation didn't work on
the local recurrence in mid chest. Worry about something in lungs.
Tend to think the worst and wish I could be more.optimistic.. I am
thinking about a support group as I cry way to much, at anytime. Tried
On antidepressants but didn't like the way I felt, thinking talking to others
May be helpful. ? Send your helpful hints my way as I don't know what I
Need to do. To be positive..seems like she daily struggle....M M

Hope I'm posting in right area....

Hi merilee,

Hi merilee,

I am sorry to hear that you continue to experience these side effects of your chemo/radiation. There are factors which make it very likely that these are side effects of treatment and not cancer-related. First, as you stated in a previous post, the trouble swallowing and pain began immediately after treatment ended. Second, the recurrence seen would rarely be enough to cause the type of symptoms you're experiencing.

Many cancer patients will tell you that they have difficulty trying not to associate every pain or discomfort they feel with their cancer diagnosis. I can assure you that you are by no means alone in feeling this way. Finding a friend or family member to talk to can be very helpful. They can't really say anything that will magically remove your anxieties and fears, but the process of stating those feelings, and sharing them with someone who is concerned, can help. A support group can also help, and some people find it helpful to post on a website such as GRACE. Many of us have been there, and we understand very well. The important thing is that you don't keep it bottled up inside. I found that to be true during my wife's illness, and over the years many here at GRACE have echoed that sentiment.

My best wishes to you for peace of mind.

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merilee, it's not uncommon to

merilee, it's not uncommon to still feel the affects or radiation a month after completion. Are you taking anything or did you? There is a support site you can join that let's you connect with other LC patients like yourself. I joined the site 7 years ago when my Mom was dx with SCLC and then myself was diagnosed a year later NSCLC. Go to Inspire and then join the Lung Cancer Survivors site. I refer many people on Inspire here to GRACE and vice versa. Take care, Judy