UPDATE ON MY WIFE. help with scan results pls - 1246583


Hi all,

My amazing wife was diagnosed with stage 1v nsclc in feb 2011 with brain mets

she was doing really well then with scan showing no sign on brain and only small bit in lung.

in may 2012 it moved to her spine so the cyber knife was cancelles and she has just got these results

"it is presumed that the new finding throughout the lungs (predominately the right) reflect infalmmatory changes. Assuming that it is indeed the case then there appears to have been a significant metabolic response to treatment as the right upper lobe nidule is no longer metabolically active and the lowgrade focus at 18 cannot now be indentified. the uptake by marrow can be explained by the recent chemo and the uptake in the stomach is likely to reflect inflamatory changes.

No abnormality has been indentified on the brain

she is due to have 3 more lots of chemo after this

so im guessing this is really good news ?



Sorry, I couldn't help it. It is really fabulous news!!!

It sounds like the lung is clear of any measurable disease (visually or activity) and only inflammation which is normal after treatment. And her brain only shows normal activity.

I hope she stays this way. Thanks for sharing the great news!

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