Watch Videos of 7/16/22 Targeted Therapies Live Forum

Mon, 07/18/2022 - 12:35

Our Targeted Therapies Forum was Saturday 7/16/2022. The forum was/is packed full of excellent, understandable, and useful information from our faculty of lung cancer specialists and Terri Conneran Founder of KRAS Kickers, lung cancer survivor, and patient advocate. Terri added a very important dimension to the day (she's one of us, a layperson who has a most personal stake in cancer treatment and patient advocacy).


You can watch it on-demand. NOTE: you need to scroll PAST, "Play Welcome Video" and "Test Your Connection"

down to the videos in orange boxes at "Morning Session", "Breakout Sessions", and "Afternoon Session" Here is the Agenda and Faculty Bios