What does this mean? Nodule(s) in lung - 1270044

Wed, 06/03/2015 - 12:05

Hi, had a CT scan for a kidney problem and inadvertently they found something on my lower lung. I'm trying to figure out what the radiologist is saying so maybe you can help.

"There are interstitial densities in the lung bases, right greater than left. There are also small nodular opacities in the lung bases with a non-calcified nodule measuring 6 mm in the right lung base. There are two small low density foci in the liver. They are under a centimeter in diameter and cannot be fully characterized. Further follow-up is recommended."

Does this mean there is more than one nodule? Does the liver have anything to do with the nodule(s) in the lung?

I go for a follow-up CT scan in two days.

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