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My husband underwent 4 Gem / Carbo cycles and 54 greys of radiotherapy,for a 9cm squamous cell tumour upper right lobe,with near mediastinal lymph involvement,we have just had the results of his his 1st CT scan 12 weeks after radiation,while the results for his lung were very good,they had found a 4 cm met in the liver,they would have put him on chemo immediately but his white cells [lymphocytes and leukocytes]are 0.2 so they are unable too.they have put him on prophylactic antibiotics to help shore up his system against A typical infections.The oncologist said he would have a meeting with the team to discuss the problem.I would be really grateful for any suggestions or similar experiences..many thanks

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Hello tls, I'm very sorry your husband is in this position. Often a person is able to rebuild their own supply given time. There are medications that can help if needed and sometimes the bone marrow is so depleted that further destruction from chemo is more harmful than helpful. It's a good sign that your husband's oncologist is seeking a team approach to solving the problem.

An option for treatment is a targeted drug, tarceva, that is approved in the US and many other countries for 2nd line treatment, it doesn't have the same effects of lowering blood counts as chemo.

Here is a link to a blog/post written by an oncology pharmacist that should shed more light on the subject.

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Here's a discussion of what we'd really consider to be the leading option in this setting:


Treatment for progression after initial chemo and radiation is really analogous to treating second line for a cancer that was initially treated as stage IV NSCLC.

I hope that information is helpful. Good luck.

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Thank you for your responses I am very grateful,because we are in the UK we are constricted by the NICE guidelines,but I am checking to see what they state,our oncologist who is based at The Christie in Manchester ,,thinks aloud ,and mentioned Radiofrequency Ablation as a consideration, to be discussed with the team,,Our main problem is mentally coping with another 4 weeks of non treatment,after the 12 weeks since chemo and radio finished.I find this so hard to deal with as my husband is leading our normal life,and it seems' so hard to comprehend he is so ill,once again I thank you ,,Teresa