What is the treatment after ( Ixempra + capecitabine ) for breast cancer - 1245884

Thu, 07/26/2012 - 05:06

My mother is taking the 4th line Chemotherapy for breast cancer metastasis spread into skull bone and liver
( Ixempra + capecitabine ) ... this is her 3rd cycle with above combination.

I just want to know is there any 5th line treatment available at this time? .. what is the next line of treatment after this combination exhausts?...

Thanks a lot

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Hello and welcome to Grace. I can't answer your question but will request a comment from a faculty member. You should expect a reply by the end of the day.

Until then I want to make sure you are aware of blog/post section of Grace. Our search feature is actually very handy. You can access info about breast cancer on the drop down menu at the top of every page by clicking "Focused Cancer Info" or click here. http://cancergrace.org/breast-cancer/

Thank you for the question and good luck for you and your mom,
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dr cianfrocca

There are many options for therapy for metastatic breast cancer and many patients receive numerous lines of therapy. Her oncologist will decide whether to give 5th line therapy and if so, what drugs to use depending on how well she is doing overall, her personal goals for therapy, any other medical conditions that she may have, and which drugs she has received in the past.

I wish her all the best,

Dr Cianfrocca