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Which TRial to go on - 1268108

My mother is 64 yrs old with TNBC stage 4. She has mets to lungs, lymphnodes and brain. She was disgnosed in May 2014 and since than has failed paclitaxel and Gemzar. Carboplatin worked for her in the end and reduced the disese. She has currently 1cm lesion in rt lung, and 4 mm lesion in left lung. 12 mm supraclavicular nodes on rt. the 2 deposits in brain( rt temporal region and mide brain) were treated with WBR. REpeat MRi brain shows minimal signal changes in the brain now, mostly has resolved.
She is off chemo now and shall have repeat scans on 28 jan 2015.
i am a doc myself and have been reading on IMMU_132 promising reults. THere is also a clinical trial phase 1/2 on Nivolumab monotherapy or in combination with Ipilimumab.

Please can you suggest me which one is more promising.

Hi sadaf,

Hi sadaf,

Welcome to GRACE. I'm glad to hear that carboplatin worked well for your mother.

As far as the drugs you've mentioned, they've all shown some promise, but it would be hard to say which would be the most promising for your mother. You can read/listen to comments from the GRACE faculty by searching this site for each of the three drugs.

For example, Nivolumab and Ipilimumab are discussed here:


IMMU 132 has only been discussed here in the context of breast cancer, although it may have been mentioned in a podcast:


Good luck with the treatment chosen.

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Dr West
Unfortunately, we aren't able

Unfortunately, we aren't able to offer a recommendation between two options with undefined benefits. Clearly, both have produced some encouraging results thus far.

Good luck.

-Dr. West

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