Worried About Pancoast tumor

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Worried About Pancoast tumor

hi my name is rohit 

my age is 28 and i am worried about pancoast tumor 

i have shoulder pain,right side chest pain, right back pain, and sort of horner syndrome...

but my pupil contract and retract properly in light

i went for hrct scan in feb 2017 reports came clear.

after that went for several x rays they came clear..

still i have pain.

i worried is it pancoat tumor....plz help

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Hi Rohit, Welcome to our new

Hi Rohit,


Welcome to our new site.  I'm sorry you're having such a painful problem.  Fortunately, you're extremely unlikely to have a pancoast tumor.   There are many reasons why this is extremely unlikely including people who develop these tumors are usually much older and there are many other much more probable reasons for shoulder/arm/hand pain.  Also, once pain starts from a pancoast tumor without treatment one can expect the pain to become progressively worse over time becoming incapacitated then deadly (again this it without anticancer treatment). 


For a pancoast tumor to cause pain a high resolution CT would pick it up, even an xray would most likely pick it up given the xray is pointing to the right spot.  But certainly a CT and especially a high res.  


As a personal example, I have had nerve problems in my upper spin that cause pain including pain that sounds much like that caused by a pancoast tumor.  Thankfully I never read about pancoast tumor so never worried I had one.  But when my husband described his pain I was sure he was having the same problem I've had for many years, shoulder pain and arm pain and hand numbness.  Thankfully I still can do yoga (without putting pressure on my neck) and alleviate the problem.  However, my husband's pain did come from a pancoast tumor and got worse over time.  I understand it usually only takes a few months but certainly over a year the tumor would become more than one could bare.  


Perhaps an orthopedist could help find the root of the problem and find simple physical therapy techniques that can help solve your issues.  


I hope you find the reason and a solutions very soon.


All best,