Worried always. Adenocarcinoma ssh stage2a - 1272615


. I had surgery 6/15 to remove upper left lung tumor had chemo Latina. and cisplatn. I am having pain in bbc.co back and in ribs, at times ribs are tender to the touch, i know this can be quite common. I am very petite which probably doesn't help either. My ribs when inhaling, yawning feel like they a re broke. . I worry. About everything, which ok guess can be a good thing, just wondered how normal this is. After months since surgery and chemo..so worried about return....even though i had a scan 2 months ago and was ok, but monitoring some groundless nodules in other lung that have been there for yrs. Any opinions, similar / stories etc much appreciated... mm


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Hi merilee,

Welcome to GRACE. I'm sorry that you are experiencing these painful symptoms, but as you say what you describe is not at all unusual. It can take quite a while to heal from such significant surgery, often many months.

It's great news that your scan two months ago showed good results, and such follow-up imaging is the best way to monitor for progression, especially if you don't develop symptoms that clearly can't be related to your surgery.

Good luck and continued good scans!

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