ASCO 2018 - Tarceva Combined with Carboplatin & Alimta - Given Upfront Will it Affect Pace of Disease?

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ASCO 2018 Roundtable
H. Jack West, MD, Founder, President and CEO

Drs. H. Jack West, Medical Director - Thoracic Oncology Program at Swedish Cancer Institute, President and CEO of GRACE, Karen Kelly - Associate Director for Clinical Research at UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Sandip Patel - Medical Oncologist and Associate Professor of Medicine at Moores Cancer Center, UC San Diego Health, gathered post meeting to discuss new information from ASCO 2018 regarding lung cancer.

In this roundtable video, the doctors discuss Tarceva combined with carboplatin and Alimta, if it is given upfront will it affect the pace of the disease?

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