Denise Brock, Operations Director

Denise Brock, Operations Director
Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education (GRACE)
Operations Director

Denise has over 30 years of varying experience in and out of the healthcare arena.  In August 2009 she joined The Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education as one of its first employees.  She has grown with the organization and now oversees the operational movement of programs, efficiency and effectiveness within the organization, as well as the daily processes and functions.  

Denise came to GRACE as a caregiver and friend of a patient of Dr. West in 2009.  She quickly came to see that GRACE was filling a great need in the area of cancer education.  The work she does for GRACE is a labor of love, not only for those she has been personally close to but for all those people who become part of the GRACE community, new and old.  She has come to love this organization and all of the people she has seen come and go throughout her years here. 

Denise holds degrees in Sociology and Philosophy and has a background in fine arts.  She loves to write, camp, and putter around her home with her menagerie of animals and her husband and teenager.  She lives north of Seattle where she spends her time gathering with family and friends, holding those dear to her close to her heart.  She hopes to someday finish something big where she can finally say she accomplished something that makes her proud – other than GRACE, and her teenager, and her epic Halloween parties. 


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