September 2019 Volunteer of the Month - Tom Murphy!

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GRACE is so honored to work alongside some exceptional volunteers. This month we recognize our friend Tom Murphy!
Denise Brock, Operations Director
We couldn't do what we do without you, our volunteers! 

From sharing their own philanthropic efforts, helping at the ASCO booth, admin and transcription work, to spreading pamphlets and information about GRACE, we have been lucky to have some of the most amazing people volunteer their time and efforts to GRACE.

This month we are pleased to give a gracious nod and a huge thank you to Tom Murphy!

Barb Murphy was diagnosed in 2007 with lung cancer.  Barb passed in December, 2013, but during that time, she focused on doing what she could to create awareness.  Since Barb's passing, Tom has made it his goal to continue fighting for awareness and supporting nonprofits like GRACE through his own foundation. Tom has dedicated much of his time to the founding of Barb's Beer, and his "Racing to the Cure" campaign.

Tom created the Barb’s Beer Foundation with their daughter, Caitlin, and son-in-law, Justin. The foundation, a non profit 501c3 charity, lines up quality breweries in local communities to produce Barb’s Beer, a light-bodied American pale ale. He has recruited restaurants and taverns in many communities to serve Barb’s Beer, and proceeds from the sale of Barb's Beer at partner restaurants and taverns generate funds to support GRACE.  Barb's Beer was introduced in Bellingham and Seattle in 2014 and is being expanded now into New England and New York.

As an extension of Barb's passion for running, Barb's Beer has a campaign called “Racing to Cure Lung Cancer.”  Tom and Barb were avid marathon runners.  Tom has since written a novel entitled Runner in Red, based on a real-life Boston Marathon legend about the first woman to run a marathon in America. Tom is dedicating proceeds from the novel – (see – to the Barb’s Beer Foundation. 

Tom’s full time job is running an institute at Fordham University in NY that helps veterans get jobs (  You can read more about Tom and Barb's Beer at .  

"Barb was the most powerful teacher I’ve ever known and I try to keep clear in my mind the life lesson she taught by her powerful example: you go as hard as you can and as far as you can for as long as you can. Stay mindful of what you can for others, but make damn sure to have fun and search out a good pint along the way.  That’s our job"  

Tom, You are amazing.  Your efforts to honor your wife and move forward in her name and spirit are inspiring.  We appreciate you more than you can possibly know, and are continuously amazed by your tenacity and ability to turn your story into action.   We love the whole Barb's Beer crew, and are so grateful to them for your tireless commitment, and dedication to GRACE.  We love and support all of your efforts.  We are GRACE because of people like you.   

The GRACE Staff


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