John Cherol, Live Forum Moderator, Patient Advocate

John Cherol, Live Forum Moderator, Targeted Therapies in Lung Cancer Patient Forum 2017
EGFR Patient

John Cherol was diagnosed in January 2016 with Stage IV EGFR+ lung cancer at the age of 28. He started Gilotrif (afatinib) and acquired resistance after 14 months. Luckily a blood test showed he developed the t790m mutation and he started Tagrisso in April of this year. He’s also been treated for nine brain mets with Gamma Knife at the Cleveland Clinic.


John is a graduate of Youngstown State University with a bachelor’s degree in computer forensics. He currently works as a Senior Cyber Security Analyst in Pittsburgh, PA. He got engaged shortly after his diagnosis to his fiancé, Kristine, who he met in 2014. They’re actively planning their September 9th wedding and a honeymoon to Iceland. Thanks to targeted therapy, John has been able to continue some of the hobbies he loves most like camping and kayaking. He hopes to help change the face of lung cancer and enjoy many more evening walks with Kristine and their rescue dog Liam.


John sadly passed away in January of 2018 at the very young age of 30. Our hearts are heavy with sadness.  Condolences to his loving family.

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