ASCO Lung Cancer Highlights, Part 12: Ganetespib with Second Line Chemotherapy for Advanced NSCLC by Dr. Edward Garon


GALAXY-1 TrialDr. Edward Garon, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, reviews impressive results from the GALAXY-1 trial of the heat shock protein inhibitor ganetespib combined with combined with second line docetaxel in advanced lung adenocarcinoma.



Heat Shock Protein Inhibition Provides Another Encouraging Signal for Some Lung Adenocarcinoma Patients with a Worse Prognosis


Historically, lung cancer patients with a KRAS mutation, which is the molecular marker that is actually most common in patients with NSCLC (about 20-25%), have not had extremely appealing treatment options.  In fact, the available data has largely led to the conclusion that both chemotherapy and EGFR inhibitor therapy tends to be, if anything, somewhat less effective for people with a KRAS mutation.  Despite some reason for hope in early research with a few novel therapies, there really hasn't been a good alternative that is specifically effective for KRAS mutation-positive patien

Heat Shock Protein Inhibitor IPI-504: Particularly Active for Patients with an ALK Rearrangement?


I've written in the past about a class of proteins known as heat shock protein inhibitors as a targeted anticancer therapy, and there are a few that have been in clinical trials, including IPI-504 from Infinity Pharmaceuticals and STA-9090 from Synta Pharmaceuticals, with others also in development. The only trial that has actually been the subject of a completed clinical trial in NSCLC is IPI-504. Dr.

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