Treatment of Locally-Advanced NSCLC in the Elderly: As Individualized as Medicine Gets


“Locally-advanced NSCLC” is a term generally applied to lung cancers with tumors that have either grown into major structures (such as vertebrae or spine bones, the central airways, or involve the main blood vessels supplying the lung or central chest) or those cancers that have spread to lymph nodes in the central chest (the mediastinum). In the case of many of these cancers, removing them with surgery is not possible, but treatment with the combination of chemotherapy and radiation given at the same time may be used with the goal of curing the cancer.

How Helpful are EGFR Inhibitors in Frail, Poor Performance Status Patients with Advanced NSCLC?


Among the many challenges in clinical oncology is the fact that a very significant proportion of our patients are quite a bit more debilitated than the vast majority of patients in clinical trials that test our anti-cancer therapies. Approximately a third of the patients with advanced NSCLC have what would be considered a poor performance status (PS) of 2 or 3 (0 to 5 scale, 0 being asymptomatic, and 5 being dead), but they are extremely under-represented on our clinical trials.

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