A new tyrosine kinase inhibitor to overcome resistance to T790M?


LM is a 73 year old patient of mine. She typifies the idea of functional age over chronologic age —physiologically, she’s more like a 50 year-old and remains extremely active despite having had lung cancer since the spring of 2006. The targeted therapy Tarceva (erlotinib) was her first treatment, which worked for over two years. She was then treated with three different cytotoxic chemotherapy regimens, with a theme of response followed by progression.

Learning from the Tumor: When Drugs Stop Working


Tarceva and Iressa (some of you may remember this drugs from a few years ago) have certainly become popular drugs for treating lung cancer, specially in the adenocarcinoma type of lung cancer. Drs. Pennell and West have discussed tarceva in other posts on this website – how it works, who benefits the most, what is the impact of certain mutations on the effect of the drug. Unfortunately, we are also too well familiar with the fact that these drugs don’t work forever and the cancer relapses even after having initially responded well.

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