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Sun, 06/30/2013 - 22:18

New to this site tonight, looking for answers, I came across "Feisty' amazing good luck with the PD-1 trial.

I am wondering if she has added and updates. I see entries till FEb. 2013.
I have used the 'search' function but did not find anything since then.


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Dr West
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Some patients are still doing very well, and there's still a lot of enthusiasm for immune checkpoint inhibitors like nivolumab, an anti-PD1 therapy, or MDPL-3280A, an anti-PDL1 therapy. We'll be talking more about this work at the upcoming ASCO lung cancer highlights program on July 18th. You can learn more and register here if you'd like:


-Dr. West

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This is FeistyD-I'm still here! Thanks for asking. I know I am kind of a poster child for anti-PD-1, so I should update more oftern. I am pretty active on Inspire. Anyway, I have been on the Merck anti-PD-1 trial (lambrolizumab) for over a year now. I just had my 20th infusion last week. My recent scans still show shrinkage on my two primary lung tumors (now about 1.4cm x 1cm). No other mets or areas of concern. Brain is clear. I just saw my daughter graduate from college, and I'm going to the Galapagos next month!

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FeistyD….how are you doing on the Merck pd1 trial? You have not posted for such a long time.

Anyone know how Feisty is doing, please post an update.

Thanks. Wendy

Dr West
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Perhaps someone who is often on the Inspire site knows more. I'd be happy to learn more too, hopefully an update of ongoing good response to the anti-PD-1 immune checkpoint inhibitor lambrolizumab.

-Dr. West


Hey Thanks wendyp for looking out for FeistyD for us. I read your and her posts on the other thread. Great to hear good things!