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how to choose 2nd line treatment? - 1268876

So sadly mom's new tumors do not have mutations and her Dr. has left the decision of what treatment to try next up to her. He would like her to do Taxol but the dreaded hair falling out seems to be pretty significant to my mom. The other options are Taxotere or Navelbine.

I'm struggling to find out what the 2nd line can or may offer her. Obviously the more aggressive seems like a good path but at what cost? How much can it help?

I imagine this is very difficult to ask but wondered if there are any studies about 2nd line treatments with progression to organs and bones that helps - and if so how does it help?

Hi Carrie, I'm sorry to hear

Hi Carrie, I'm sorry to hear your mom has to make a decision on treatment.

As a matter of fact one of our FAQ is on the subject of 2nd and later lines of treatment that have a proven efficacy rate plus a few more that are used as well but not proven in clinical trials for single agent 2nd line. Studied and proven efficacy in 2nd line is tarceva (whether or not there's a mutation or smoking history), alimta, and taxotere. Those often used but not trialed are taxol, navelbine and others mentioned in this post,

During transitions in treatment are considered excellent times to see a research oncologist specializing in lung cancer for options in clinical trials. Dr. Weiss said, "My strong personal opinion is that the best care available to most patients is on clinical trials. I’ve cut my income into a third by becoming an academic doc for the privilege of designing clinical trials to try to improve the standard of care. I passionately believe that many of our trials regimens are very promising to be better than existing standard of care, which, frankly, is not good enough. I have no doubt that if my father were to develop lung cancer, that I would seek the best available clinic trial for him. In my opinion, seeking good clinical trials is the most important reason to seek out a second opinion. Clinical trials are not the best choice for every patient at every time point, but I feel strongly that optimal care should at least consider them at every major decision point."

I hope this helps. Let us know what your mom decides and all the best to you both.