BAC with mucus please help me understand this rare cancer. - 1289689

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BAC with mucus please help me understand this rare cancer. - 1289689

My husband has BAC with mucus with no mutations. He is 62 years old. I have read Dr West is well known about BAC. My husband is suffering from the bronchorrhea from this type of cancer. He is on his 4th round of chemo of Altima and carboplatin and he gets another ct scan next week. It is in his right lung and they said it is Stage 4. He only has 20 percent use of the right lung. There was a small spot on his left lung which sometimes shows on the ct scan and then it didn't show on the pet scan. He doesn't have cancer anywhere else except for his right lung. The plan of treatment is to have Two more just Altima infusions and then go on Keytruda. Is there anyone out here with this type of lung cancer with mucus. Was anyone successful with getting rid of the mucus. I have read so much confusing information about this type of lung cancer. Please help me understand it??!!


Happy New Year and welcome to Grace. I'm so sorry to know about your husband's cancer and difficult bronchorrhea issues. If there is assurance that the cancer is stage IV then you know from reading Dr. West's blog posts that you want to use as little treatment as possible to keep the cancer at bay. Many forms of BAC are quite indolent and can be kept stable with very little treatment. Sometimes BAC is more aggressive and need constant treatment. Time will tell how indolent the cancer is.

As for bronchorrhea I'm afraid there aren't any new symptom management techniques. Members Linnea and Craig are dealing with this symptom and both are probably as informed as anyone on the subject. Linnea can be found at her website, and at Lungetity where she continues to be a force of hope. Craig, a force of hope as well responds to his ROS1 thread. I know it would be OK to post a question to him on that thread.

If you've not read these then start here,

I hope your husband is feeling better soon.
All best,