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Thu, 07/19/2018 - 13:33

I have clubbed nail (only index finger ) from 12 years age, but now slowly every finger developed clubbing. I have been smoking for 4 years. Now i am suffering from unsatisfied breath, some times chest pain and right shoulder, right arm pain since 1 day come n goes not constant should I be worried about pancoast syndrome? I am now 21 years old.... Can anyone explain detail exact pancoast symptoms please

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Hi brgo,

Welcome to GRACE. The possible range of symptoms from a pancoast tumour are varied, but they tend to be constant rather than come and go. In addition, your age would make it extremely unlikely that you had lung cancer. Since you had finger clubbing from the age of 12 the reason for that is going to be some thing as well besides lung cancer. There are many possible reasons for finger clubbing.

Since you are worried about lung cancer, please consider to stop smoking. That is the best way to prevent it.


Pain it self doesn't do but intensity varies and today even my eyelids are droopy. I visited doctor yesterday but he said everything is normal to me.