PET scan — normal ranges for bone marrow

Sat, 05/11/2019 - 05:06

In the case of a “normal” PET CT where the only abnormal finding is mild diffuse bone marrow with SUV Max of 2.9, would a bone marrow test be considered to rule out lymphoma or leukemia? I’m being told it is just elevated because I’m premenopausal and am likely making new RBCs because my CBC is totally normal. I have had many symptoms of lymphoma but no positive nodes on PET. Is it possible to have a solid tumor missed on PET/CT and the bone marrow finding is indicative of metastasis?

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Hi Mpark1,


Since it seems that the bone marrow SUV is pretty typical (see this page ), it seems that factors other than that SUV (e.g. symptoms) would determine if further testing is indicated. Certainly worth discussing with your doctors.


With cancer anything is possible, but the PET findings don't point in the direction of bone metastases.


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